Meet The Chef

Chef Shonn began his culinary education at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Soon after, the St. Albert native found himself apprenticing in the kitchens of a number of Edmonton restaurants. In pursuit of his culinary dreams, Shonn traveled the globe to work and study. His stops ranged from Hawaii to Switzerland, where he finished his formal education at Centre International de Glion in Bulle. But it was Singapore that turned Chef Shonn’s eye and palate toward Asian cuisine, and after honing his skills he returned to Canada where, at the tender age of 26, he opened Characters Fine Dining. His understanding of cultural influences and international flavours are intuitively and spontaneously translated into his own highly original cuisine. The unparalleled menu abounds with tempting dishes in the style of Canadian continental, Asian and French cooking.

Are Sulphites Really Such a Big Deal?

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Wine Prices,Whats the Deal? Part-2

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Wine Prices, Whats the Deal?

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